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5 Best Over Ear Headphones for Chromebooks

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So, you’re looking to buy yourself some over-ear headphones? Well, you have a lot of choices out there. However, for your Chromebook, there are some specific options which will give you the functionality and the comfort needed.

So, here are 5 of the Best Over Ear Headphones for Chromebooks.

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The COWIN E7 have great noise cancellation

Right off the bat, you’ll feel that these are headphones from the future with their chrome-like design. They are a full-size pair of over-ear headphones that can fit comfortably over the largest ears. They also have pretty large, 40 mm sound drivers so you’ll get decent quality out of them.  

The active noise cancellation here is superb. Whenever you need to tune out the world, you can with just a push of a button. The noise cancellation is so good that you’ll be fine whether you’re listening to music or participating in a conference call. The latter is almost a necessity today with all the zoom and skype calls going on. With the global pandemic continuing, the noise cancellation technology will most likely continue to serve you throughout the year and beyond.

Sony WH-1000 XM2s

The WH-1000XM2s have good sound quality

This is a solid choice for anyone who loves good headphones. While these are 2 generations behind Sony’s latest headphones, they’re chock full of features, and have decent sound quality. They also come with the LDAC codec, which allows you to stream music and movies wirelessly without noticeable delay. The Sony WH-1000XM2s can also pair with your mobile device using NFC.

They have wear detection, and noise cancellation as well. They are available in black, white, and are easily foldable. They also come with a pretty decent 3.5 mm headphone jack that you can use to listen with them powered off.

Overall, this is a pretty good deal for headphones that you’ll end up using much more in the post-pandemic world. They’re especially comfortable too. If you’re going to end up wearing them for hours on end, it’s most likely that they won’t hurt your ears. Just make sure you test them out before you get them. What works for the general public may not work for you.  

Bose SoundLink Headphones  

Bose SoundLink Headphones for casual listening

Bose is another brand that is famous for making high quality headphones. In fact, they’re the only ones that can probably compete with Sony and Sennheisser when it comes to sound quality. These are no different.

The Bose SoundLink are known for providing deep, enriching sound which immerse you in the world of whatever music you’re listening to. The built-in equalizer can get you incredible performance for the price. In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find equivalent sound in any other pair of headphones at the price. This is also a great advantage for video conferences and calls.

The battery life is also impressive. With the noise cancellation on, you can get over 15 hours of playback on a single charge. If that isn’t a bargain, I don’t know what is. These are definitely one of the best headphones for Chromebooks.

Jabra Move Wireless

Jabra Move Headphones for Chromebooks

Jabra has been known more in the wireless in-ear headphone space more than the over-ear headphone space. However, its reputation as a durable headphone maker precedes itself. Some of the most rugged earphones come from Jabra, including the well-known Jabra Elite.

Their Jabra Move headphones are designed similarly to be sports headphones. Hence, even if you’re not going to be using them for running or workouts, you can use them for work and play. They have a wireless range of 10 meters and go for about 8 hours on a full charge. While that’s half the battery life of the Bose SoundLink, they make up for it in other ways.

The headphones are lightweight, and they are designed for comfort. They are also a great option for low-cost headphones. They will last the entire day comfortably and won’t give you any trouble when it comes to noise cancellation or sound quality.

Plantronics Backbeat  Pro 2

The Backbeat Pro 2 are functional headphones

If you’re looking for a pair of no-nonsense headphones that just work, these are it. The Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 are pretty identical in terms of sound quality to the Sennheisser Momentum 2. They have an incredible battery life of over 24 hours, and they come with a wireless range of 100 meters.

They’re incredibly powerful work headphones that will allow you to work without pause and worry. They’re also recommended for flights when you have to work or taken conference calls on the go. They can last a lengthy trip, and cost significantly less than the average headphones with similar functionality.

Buying Guide for Chromebook Over-Ear Headphones

Over-Ear headphones can generally deliver the best sound quality and comfort to listeners. They are also the largest of the headphone types, so they may be a little harder to lug around. They’re also what pops into most people’s heads when they think of headphones.

If you’re thinking of buying new headphones, you should probably compare comfort, sound quality, features, etc. This information can really influence your mindset before you make your final decision.

So, here are a few basic tips to choose your next Best Over Ear Headphones for Chromebooks.

What Do You Want from Your Headphones?

The first thing to ask is what’s most important for you. If you want the headphones just to listen to some music or watch movies, standard ones should suffice. If you’re an audiophile, you should go for the best of the best. If you’re getting them for work, then you should get high quality, feature heavy headphones.

Whatever the case may be, the headphones should serve your purpose. It doesn’t matter how good the reviews are. If they don’t do justice to your needs, they’re pretty much the wrong purchase to make.

How Comfortable are they to Wear?

This is something no one can guarantee. You have to experience it for yourself. Chances are, you’re not going to know what it feels like to wear a pair unless you try them on. Try going to a franchise or a local electronics store to try some on.

It’s not just how well the headphones fit on to your ears, but how comfortable they are in the long run. You may be required to wear headphones for hours on your job. So, you should get ones that feel light and comfy, otherwise your ears will punish you for it.

The best headphones for Chromebooks will fit your ears like a glove. Don’t compromise on that. Whether you’re using them for work, or to listen casually, or to watch movies, comfort should be a priority.  

What about the Features?

These days, several headphones are coming out with features like wear detection, noise cancellation, touch controls, etc. Most headphones also come with Bluetooth pairing, multi-device support, and chat-modes. If you’re going to use headphones at work, that should be important to you.

Wear detection, and chat-modes, as well as noise cancellation will avoid a lot of hassle. You can pause whatever you’re listening to just by taking your headphones off with wear detection. You can also just place a hand on one of the headphone cups to carry on a conversation with chat modes. You can also just begin speaking and pause your headphones with chat mode.  

How Good is the Sound?

While most over-ear headphones and most mid-range ones in general do a decent job, sound quality should be a priority. If you are an audiophile, you should obviously look into the brands that are famous for their quality. Topping the list is Sennheisser, of course. You could look at Bose or Sony next.

Your choice for the best sound could depend on a lot of factors like the bass or how many audible frequencies you get to hear. All of that rarely counts for the average user, but audiophiles consider anything less than perfect as sacrilege.

Hopefully with this guide you’ll be able to pick out the best headphones for yourself. You may not end up getting the priciest or the most high-quality headphones, but you’ll get ones that do the job. For Chromebook users that use these for either work or play, this guide should be more than sufficient.

Remember to do your research, try out a few pairs for comfort, and be sure about what you need. After that, the agony of choice will be reduced significantly.

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