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98 breaks hardware accelerated video decode on Samsung CB+ v1/ARM (again)

Video playback is broken after the 98 'stable' update. This isn't the first time I and other users with similar models have had this issue, but it had previously been fixed. I would link the original post, but I don't know if it's allowed on this subreddit.

Video playback, both on Youtube and Nebula, and at various resolutions, shows stuttering/flashing/repeating/tearing images. In the past this issue only occurred on YouTube (maybe due to VP9 codec), would cause performance issues/crashing, and had somewhat different artifacting. Now, there is no noticeable system performance degradation nor noticeable frame drops (this could be obscured by the video glitching though), and the issue is no longer fixeable with the h264ify extension.

The only fix is the flag #disable-accelerated-video-decode, but this option hurts performance enough for 1080p/1440p 60 video to buffer and drop frames.

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