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After Months And 20 Emails With Google Support I Resolved A Bug By Myself

I managed to fix an annoying bug in Google Drive after months of trying.

It started when a folder called "Chrome Syncable Filesystem" kept creating itself in my Google Drive after I bought my Chromebook, which either had no content or just log files.

I kept deleting it, but it was recreated. I contacted Google One support at some point because I didn't know what to do. Support never seems to have seen this, because they passed it from level 1 to level 3 tech support. Unfortunately, even after submitting a lot of log files and information, no result came out of it.

So I kept trying and created a new Google account and completely reset my Chromebook, because I thought it could be some bug especially bound to my Google Account. But even that didn't solve the problem for long. I have then read over time between 1 and 3 cases in which it was said that the folder had something to do with the Chrome extensions.

So.. at some point I got the idea to take a closer look at the folder. And in the information of the folder it said that I had created the folder with Google Chrome by myself.

I went into the Google Chrome settings of the synchronization (after all, the folder is called "syncable filesystem") and saw that you can synchronize your Chrome extensions via your Google account. I disabled this particular sync option and the folder never showed up again.

So.. if anyone has or had the same problem, that seems to be a solution.

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