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An easier method to copy/export your Chrome Android tabs from into a note or text file!

This is not a help post – it's a tutorial!

If you've ever wanted to copy your open Chrome Android tabs (may work on iOS too but not tested), now's the time. It's very simple, but may take a few minutes depending how many tabs you've got.

We'll be taking advantage of tab groups. If you don't have them enabled, there is a flag for it – have a quick gander at Google to find it. If you already have groups of your tabs, follow the instructions in the second section. Otherwise, follow from step 1 below to group your tabs up.

Hopefully this helps – I discovered this feature by accident a while ago and just remembered how to do it again.

Section 1 – Creating Groups

Step 1 — Group your tabs: Go into the tab switcher, click the three dots, and click Group Tabs Step 2 — Select all your tabs and click Group

Section 2 – Export

You need to repeat the below steps for each tab group.

Step 1 — Select a tab group, tap the three-dot menu, and click Share group

Step 2 — In the Share menu, select Keep Notes or another similar app of your choice. As long as you can edit text in it you should be fine

Step 3 — Tidy the list (if you're picky like me). The original list layout is a bit shite

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