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Android tablet vs ChromeOS 2-in-1 tablet experiences

First off, I have to say I am all in on the Google experience. Currently, I have a Pixel 3XL (which I think it time to upgrade to something), 2 Chromebooks, and a Chromebox. While my wife has an iPhone, that is the only non-google device in the place..

With Black Friday sales all around us, I have been thinking about a Lenovo Duet for a while or maybe an HP X2, and with the sales, thought about pulling the trigger on one, but I saw some sales from Samsung on their Galaxy tabs, and it got me thinking.. But, in my mind, why would someone get an Android Tablet vs a ChromeOS one? To me, the ChromeOS version has a bit more going on for it, as it has the full ChromeOS suite of things, but the Android Tablets seem like they have more processing power, nicer screens, and the full play stores (where as my Chromebooks only get about 90% of apps).

So, for those that were in my shoes, what did you pick, and why? Like I said, I like ChromeOS and I feel that with any indepth work, other than consumption, I would use a Chromebook, or most likely my Chromebox, so i can sit at my work station, so for some reason, something is pulling me towards an Android tablet..

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