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Announcing r/ChromeOSFlex

Hello r/ChromeOS!

As I'm sure most of you are aware, ChromeOS Flex was recently officially released to the public for both standard consumers as well as enterprise! Due to that, we've had an explosion of ChromeOS Flex users posting on the subreddit, both returning users, as well as brand-new users who have never used ChromeOS before.

However, the hype has been a bit too much for us on the r/ChromeOS mod team to handle. On top of this, we've been having a few complaints from our regular helpers and problem-solvers that they are having issues finding people to help due to the sheer amount of Flex posts.

This is why we are officially announcing the ChromeOS Flex subreddit, r/ChromeOSFlex!

We would like to mention that Flex posts will not be hard-banned on r/ChromeOS. Flex is still ChromeOS, but we've decided that the userbase, as well as troubleshooting steps for the two, are quite different. r/ChromeOSFlex will focus more on those who are asking questions on how to set it up, those having issues, and those having general curiosities about Flex.

Posts that would better fit r/ChromeOSFlex

  • Set up questions
  • Set up successes
  • Issues with your specific devices
  • Curiosities on Flex, "Will x device run Flex?"

For full transparency, we will be utilising automoderator to help us filter some of these posts on this subreddit. If you get a message saying your post should be elsewhere, and you believe it to be a mistake, please send a modmail and we'll clear it up.

We truly hope that everyone will understand. We also hope that everyone makes the most of the new subreddit and has a pleasant experience!

Happy Chroming!

-The r/ChromeOS team

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