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Another MediaTek MT8192 Chromebook is on the way with ‘Goroh’

Slowly and methodically, we’re beginning to see the addition of the next generation of MediaTek-powered Chromebooks in the Chromium repositories. It all started with ‘Asurada’ and our initial tracking of the MT8192 chip. Not too long ago, MediaTek made this chip official and also announced the even more powerful MT8195 chip alongside it. Both of these SoCs are made specifically for Chromebooks from the ground up and as far as we can tell, they’ll be the first to truly do this. A more-vertical integration between processor and the underlying OS is crucial for ARM chips to really shine, and while we’re excited to see Google’s version of this with a variation of the Whitechapel chip expected in the Pixel 6, we’re just as anxious to see what MediaTek pulls out with both of these chips in the near future.

Say hello to ‘Goroh’

The speed of new devices being added so far has been slow, however, and for quite some time the only MT8192 device we were tracking was ‘Asurada’. In recent months, we’ve begun keeping tabs on ‘Hayato’ and ‘Spherion’ as well, and today we’re adding another device to the watch list: ‘Goroh’.


For now, there’s little to be known about this new Chromebook device apart from the fact that it will be rocking the MT8192 inside. We’re working on some comparisons to share in a later post, but it is fair to say from early benchmarks that this chip will handily outperform the Snapdragon 7c. From our review of the Acer Spin 513, that’s a good thing. The Snapdragon 7c isn’t terribly slow, but it isn’t fast by any stretch of the imagination. While the GPU in the Snapdragon is technically better than the MT8192, the actual processor is faster in the MediaTek chip and from what we can tell, Android apps simply run better on Chromebooks with MediaTek silicon inside at this point.

With all that together, you have the making of at least 4 unique devices at this point that will come bearing MediaTek’s Chrome OS-specific silicon inside, and we’re excited to see how that all plays out. I’d imagine by the time we finally get one of these devices in the office, we’ll have far more than 4 in development, so if you want to keep an eye on these new MediaTek Chromebooks as they develop, get subscribed below. These devices represent the future of ARM-based Chromebooks and we’re really hoping they deliver.

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