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Best Audio Recording Apps for Chromebooks

Looking for a reliable online voice recorder for Chromebook? Since audio-based entertainment, like folks, are recording audio tutorials, others are trying to record Ebooks, and recording Podcasts have become extremely popular. Then, of course, there’s the ever-present indie musician without much money at hand.

At a certain point, you needed a professional recording studio and a major record label to sign with in order to release anything with decent production quality.

In fact, you can do it all with a Chromebook and any reliable online apps from the play store. For this here we have reviewed the 6 great audio recording apps for your Chromebook.

Audacity for Chromebook

No app for audio recording is yet to top this. Audacity has stood on top of the mountain for years now. Its simple interface, intuitive controls, a wealth of features, and lightweight design has won over many audiophiles.

Your Chromebook is built to handle lightweight software in most cases. Hence, you need lightweight software to get the job done. If you’re short on cash, you’re in luck. Audacity is free to use and doesn’t cost you a cent.

Just keep in mind if your Chromebook doesn’t support Linux app support or Linux (beta) feature is not available on your Chromebook,then it may not works on your Chromebook.

If your Chromebook´s released date is before 2017, it may not able to support GNU Linux App. But new Chromebooks (from 2018) are good to go with Linux app support.

It’s great to record podcasts, songs, or even an Ebook. Just remember that it’s not as user friendly as the other apps on this list. You may need to go through a few tutorials to get better at it. 

Aside from the learning curve, you really needn’t worry. Audacity is the perfect Chromebook audio recording program.

SoundCloud Chromebook

The website is now the default home for indie artists. However, it has a built-in sound recording tool.

SoundCloud on Google Play

You can also add comments to your track to share them with your colleagues, or your friends. It’s perfect for recording lectures, or uploading music. 

Voice Recorder

The simplest name on this list is Voice Recorder. It’s a free application which records sounds from your mic. You can trim the sound and save it on your computer when you’re done.

Voice Recorder

While it doesn’t have many features, it gets the job done. If your needs are very simple, then this is the software for you. However, if you want better functionality, there are several other options on this list. 

Vocaroo on Chromebook

Vocaroo is a web-based recording program that allows users to record, send, and download voice recordings. However, the downside is that it won’t work on mobile devices.

Chromebooks are a different story. Since you require an internet connection for it anyway, you won’t have any problems using Vocaroo. 

Twisted Wave for Chromebook

Twisted Wave Chrome Extention syncs with your Google Drive, so it’s naturally the perfect tool to record audio on Chromebook laptops.

It has a large library of sound effects and can support nearly every file format. You can export the file to your disk, Google drive directly, or even SoundCloud if you’re a budding musician. 

Mic Note On Chromebook

Mic Note is named thus because it will allow you to record audio and take notes at the same time. Hence, it’s perfect to record lectures, podcasts, and even audiobooks.

It’s also great to take notes during meetings, interviews, and other conferences. This is for professionals and hobbyist podcasters. 

You can critique yourself and improve on your audio skills while recording. Isn’t that just perfect? 

Tips for Recording Audio on Chromebooks

You obviously can’t record professional audio which tunes out noise with just a Chromebook mic. Your Chromebook is enough to post covers online or a few podcasts with your friends. However, you will need to take specific measures to improve quality over time. 

For example:

  • Get a microphone which can comfortably record audio while cancelling out any ambient noise. 
  • Soundproof your room with a few neat hacks like stuffing in pillows or cushions between the cracks in your door. Also, try recording at night, or when it’s quietest in your neighborhood. 
  • Try filtering the audio that goes to your microphone by using a small strainer. It’ll actually even the input into your microphone and you’ll be able to manage sound levels much more easily. 
  • Try getting some noise cancelling headphones to listen to your audio after recording. It’ll help you pick up on slight imperfections in your recording like slight noise or vibrations in your voice. 
  • Finally, if you’re recording music, clean up your instruments so that you can get the clearest and as crispest sound. This goes for all your recording equipment as well. Dust and grease is not kind to your mics. 

If you’re going to record audio for any reason and you have a Chromebook, these are zthat you have at your disposal. Remember that the app is only going to give you features and functionality, but you have to explore its potential. Try different software; find out which fits your needs the best, and then go forth and create. 

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