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[BUG] Chrome doesn’t load, Crashes instantly without showing GUI

As title explains Chrome, Chromium and Canary all are crashing on my Windows 10 computer without showing GUI at all, No Crash Logs. Google Crash Handler & Google Crash Handler (32bit) are the only two Google related programs running after launching a chrome instance.
I closed Chrome yesterday and then it wouldn't work afterwards no matter what.

Firstly I tried to uninstall then reinstall same issue. x3 times
Done 2 Virus Scans.
Installed Chromium & Canary separately with the same outcome.
Erased all program data twice from the respective directories of Chrome.
Restarted PC probably countless times as well throughout all my troubleshooting steps and I haven't mentioned every issue.

Only way chrome works (how I am using it now is by naming chrome.exe to chrome1.exe which is just adding another digit onto the end of "chrome" before the extension at the end of the file.

Fresh install of windows as of last month.

Any advice at this point would be helpful. Trust me anything you find from the first page of google, I have tried.

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