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Chromed Adds Live Caption Toggle to Media Controls

Google Chrome added a toggle to enable or it may be disable live caption of the dedicated media controls tombol on the toolbar. You can go live caption on as off with a single mouse click on.

Live Caption

Live caption is a Google feature any transcribes audio in real time. You can even mute a video or maybe a audio and still see the records on the screen.

Live caption was first featured on Android os 10. It later fashioned its way into Google Chrome. Here is a short video away from Google explaining what lead caption can do.

On Chrome

Canary copy of Chrome on my pc recently started showing live life caption automatically for the media. I was looking for a way to do away with and I found this.

Live Caption Toggle
Livestream Caption Toggle

The overseas media control menu on Chrome contains a live caption toggle. To disable the function caption, all I had look at was click the toggle.

On my case, live caption were basically enabled by default. It may not function as final setting when Gmail launches this feature towards Stable channe. However , if you have live caption enabled on the internet Chrome and want a road to quickly disable, you now differentiate where to look.

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