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Steel for Android adds ‘Follow’ Button for Websites

Google adds a ‘Follow’ button to help Chrome for Android. It is currently available in the Canary account of Chrome.

Follow and?

Google already lets you go after specific topics using the Look for engines app. You wil at times see the ‘Discover’ feed on your trusty Chrome new tab world wide web on Android.

Recently, They added options to share and after that like content on Find out about feed. Now, the past Canary channel update sends a ‘Follow’ option.

I should have not get the Follow substitute for work. However , this is experienced because the feature is still within your early satges of and also.

Surprisingly, there were no Chrome Flags to enable to get these working. The only way to find out so how this option works is to sit up for upcoming Chrome Canary launches and try it out.

Is Bing or google quietly building a replacement for Search engines like google Reader? A mashup because of Twitter, RSS feeds and other subject discovery options?

What do you consider? Let me know in the comments feature below.

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