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Chrome Gets ‘Privacy Review’ (Similar to Safety Check)

Google Chrome is getting a “Privacy Review” feature to help you review privacy settings. You will soon see a notification to review your privacy settings.

Privacy Review

If you are on the Canary channel of Google Chrome, you can test Privcy Review now using the following flag:

Privacy Review: Shows a new subpage in Settings that helps the user to review various privacy settings.

As the flag description suggests, this experimental feature adds a new subpage in Chrome settings.

A related flag also adds a promo message so that users will be invited to conduct their first privacy review:

Privacy Review Settings Row Promotion: Enables the promotion variant of the privacy review row in Chrome Settings. Requires the Privacy Review feature flag to also be enabled.

Testing Privacy Review

Enable the Priavcy Review flag, restart your browser and go to the Settings > Privacy and security page. You should see the new prvacy review section here.

Privacy and security review - Chrome
Privacy and security review – Chrome

This page is not functional yet. I am not surprised because this is the first Canary version with the privacy review flag. We should see this working in the stable version of Chrome in coming weeks.

Looking forward to using this new security feature from Chrome? Let me know in the comments section below.

Source: Chromium Gerrit.

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