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Chrome Incognito Mode on Android to Become More Secure with Reauthentication

Your incognito tabs on Chrome will soon be more secure on Android. Google is adding an option to ask for authentication while accessing open incognito tabs.


Enable device reauthentication for Incognito

Let me introduce you to a new Google Chrome flag added to the code today:

Enable device reauthentication for Incognito: When enabled, a setting appears in Settings > Privacy and Security, to enable reauthentication for accessing your existing Incognito tabs.

The flag description says it all. You can add an additional layer of security to your incognito tabs.

Let’s say you are handing over your phone to someone and you have a couple of incognito tabs open. You don’t want them to see those tabs for some reason. With this new option, they will be asked to unlock the phone if they try to access these incognito tabs.

That’s one use case that I can think of. Are there any other scenarios where this will be useful? Let me know in the comments section below.

Source: Chromium Gerrit.

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