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Chrome is storing location history somewhere no matter what I do. Has Google created some hidden browser identification/location feature that cannot be turned off?

I just got back from a visit to Mexico and my PC's Chrome browser has now decided that I'm still there and that I want all prices for my product searches in Mexican Pesos.

I've completely cleared all cookies and other site data, cleared individual sites, cleared local storage, hosted app data and everything else I can find. Windows 10 has location access off and Chrome denies sites location access by default. "Allow Chrome Sign-in" is off, and I'm definitely not signed into any Google services or sites. I'm on a U.S. IP address.

Brave browser on the same PC it correctly identifies my location as in the U.S.

Does anyone know where is Chrome storing location history information (despite user settings) and how to delete it?

Edit: After a settings reset Google Chrome is still showing all prices in Mexican Pesos, so despite what they would have us believe Google is tracking their user's location via Chrome no matter what we do.

Edit 2: I uninstalled Google Chrome and deleted all data, then reinstalled. That has finally cleared the user location tracking that Google is silently doing.

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