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Chrome ‘Memories’ could be a new way for you to manage browser history

Google has always been working on a new Chrome showcase called “Memories”. This will be offered with chrome: //memories. Based on the partial information I have so far, memoirs will let Chrome owners manage their browser rating better.

chrome: //memories

I’m not 100% sure alternatives this feature does. Online has managed to merge a large amount of code related to this without any giving away this information.

This morning, I located a new Chrome flag which the team added to Chromium decodingunlocking|code calculatordecoder}. Usually flag descriptions give away much of what the feature is doing. This time, however , we do not have anything useful there a touch too.

The flag name will be “Memories” and the description would not says “Enables chrome: //memories”

The chrome: //memories pages is a blank placeholder area for now.

History and Tab Online communities

The only progress I could generate was finding this hashtag in Chromium codes|code calculatordecoder}. Within a few other code re-define requests for the memories thing, I found mentions of cell phone history and tab groups.

The initial dedicate for this feature states query “history clustering” feature. But there was another code vary that clearly talked about tab groups and bookmarks. Extremely most likely to group developed the lighted magnifier for bookmarked pages divided.


My adrenaline for this feature starts with its name. Google will not name an element this way unless they have a small amount of serious plans for it. Should it be not a user-facing feature put on just call it chrome: //history-clusering.

We usually do not think about there is no benefits there in our browser society. This could be a way to help our team identify trends and budget history better.

What do you imagine? Let me know your thoughts in the opinions box below.

Source: Chromium Gerrit .

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