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Chrome OS 98 is rolling out

Updating now on my Asus CX9

High-level highlights for Chrome OS-specific additions (from AP contributor Kent Duke's literal weeks of wading through thousands of source code changes) are just below:

  • Emoji picker update to emoji 14.0 — that means new emoji
  • Overhauled language settings
  • Network Based Recovery
  • New virtual desk shortcuts
  • Dark mode flag for the virtual keyboard
  • "Save to" settings for screen capture
  • Chrome Files app SWA gets full dark theme support
  • Improved scrolling performance in ARC apps when using a mouse
  • Google Play Store search disabled in launcher

On top of that are literally hundreds of smaller changes, including numerous bug fixes addressing everything from drag-and-drop randomly crashing things in Linux to auto-granting USB access for smart card connectors and readers via WebUSB. This is further excluding several features that landed via optional flags and aren't quite "stable" yet. Noise suppression — an optional flag to reduce ambient sounds recorded by the microphone, handy for Meet and Zoom calls — was originally planned to land as part of Chrome OS 98, but it has been pushed to a later release.

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