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Chrome OS Tests a New (Smaller) App Launcher Design

Google is testing a new design for the app launcher on Chromebooks. In simple words, Google is moving away from the macOS style to Windows 10 style. Or so it would seem.

Productivity experiment: App Launcher

Interestingly, Google is calling this new launcher a productivity experiment. If you are on the Canary channel of Chrome OS, you will see the following experimental flag:

Productivity experiment: App Launcher: To evaluate an enhanced Launcher experience that aims to improve app workflows by optimizing access to apps, app content, and app actions. – Chrome OS.

Enable this flag and you will get a peek into the new design.

Google Tests a New Chromebook App Launcher Design

Clicking on “Flip page” doesn’t do much. You will get a placeholder page.

Chrome OS currenrly has a launcher design similar to that of macOS. However, the new design reminds me of Windows 10. You click the start button or the Windows button to open a small box where you will see some apps and search etc.

More to Come?

Clearly, this is a (very) early version of the new laucher. From the flag description, Google wants to do more with this launcher. I am sure they won’t call this a productivity feature without a few tricks lined up.

It will be interesting to watch this feature develop in coming days. If you have any questions or things you want me to test, leave a comment in the comments form below.


It is too early to say if I like this new design or not. However, I would love to hear your first impressions on the new design. Do you like an macOS/iOS-like fullscreen app launcher or this little box snuck away in the corner?

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