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Steel OS Wallpapers Moving in direction of the Settings App

Wallpaper Picker ‘ is a standalone app in Chrome OS. Google is moving this to the Settings app.

If you search your Chromebook’s launcher menu for wallpaper, you will find the Wallpaper Picker app. This is the app that Chrome OS uses to download and set wallpapers on your Chromebook.

Wallpaper Picker app
Wallpaper Picker app

Moving to Settings

In a recent update, the Canary version of Chrome OS added a new flag named “Enable new wallpaper experience”.

It is unclear what enhancements Google is planning to make here. However, this new flag has moved Wallpaper into the Settings app.

We always had a “Wallpaper” section under Settings > Device menu. However, this was a shortcut to open the Wallpaper Picker app. This is changing. Here is a screenshot from a work-in-progress version of this screen.

New wallpaper experience
New wallpaper experience

Clearly, this is far from perfect. However, you can see all the existing wallpaper categories here. Instead of opening up the Wallpaper Picker app, the Settings app now displays all the available wallpapers here.


On one side, Google has been converting parts of the Android operating system into separate apps that they can update through the Play Store. In Chrome OS, at least in this case, Google is taking the opposite approach.

Is Google preparing to implement some new features or is this just an attempt to streamline the operating system?

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below and stay tuned to receive updates on this story and more Chrome OS news.

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