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Chrome remembers and combines my bookmarks (repeatedly)


My Chrome bookmarks are combined and growing.

I'm using Chrome on my laptop, desktop, and iPhone.

My bookmarks are synchronized between edge and chrome.

I've deleted my Bookmarks.bak file from c:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\ (on both my laptop and desktop).

I fixed the bookmarks by deleting all (tons of) duplicates I got from lots of merging Chrome does and by deleting unused bookmarks.

I did it many times.

Chrome always gets back lots of old bookmarks (resizing my bookmark file from 1.2MB to 12MB).

BTW, I also tried to replace my Bookmarks.bak with my preferred Bookmarks file, but Chrome ignores it (or merges it)

How do I clean my bookmarks (preferably on my desktop) and force Chrome to use this version on all devices?

How do I prevent it from merging and merging?


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