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[Chrome Remote Desktop] Is anyone else recently unable to move windows around using the Windows Key + Arrow Key shortcut?

I like to use the shortcut Windows Key + Arrow Key. It works by highlighting/focusing a window, and then holding Windows Key and pressing an arrow key in the direction you'd like to move that window, very useful when a window is off screen.

I have had no problems using this shortcut for the longest time, remotely using Chrome Remote Desktop for a Windows 10 machine, until very recently (last couple days). Can someone verify if this works or not for them right now? Strangely, the Windows Key and the arrow keys work independently just fine. I can still do shortcuts like Windows Key + Tab as well.

I haven't restarted yet, which I am pretty optimistic about for fixing it, because I have a big processing job I need to wait on. Thanks for any sanity checks in the meanwhile.

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