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Chrome seems to get worse and worse

I've noticed now more than ever that Chrome seems to become slower and slower over time. I'm one of those with quite a lot of tabs opened, like a lot, but that never gave me any issue. I have plenty of ram and a good system but lately i've noticed that when i start Chrome and reopen my old tab, it takes a while to load any page i want to use it. Let's say i open my 200 old tabs. Now i want to open a new one and go on a website. I type the address and, nothing. I tried to do the same on Firefox and Edge, and they were blazing fast at doing that. Don't get me wrong, Chrome was capable as well, but now doesn't seems like it anymore.

Another issue is that when the screen goes off (i have no sleep, only screen deactivation) and on, chrome takes a while to wake up again, and the page i was before is not stuck unless i click outside and then inside the windows again.

All this is weird considering Edge doesn't give me any issue whatsoever and, please be free to correct me here, as far as i know they have the same base behind.

I had a slowe Chrome in the past for sure, but after one or two releases it all got sorted out by itself, but now is like that since a couple of months, and every release it gets worse for some reason. I've read somewhere that is due to the new http to https but i fail to see how that can be related to be so slow.

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