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Chromebook Choices?

Looking for a new chromebook as my old 14 inch chromebook screen is messed up and several keys on the keyboard no longer work.

Thoughts on these chromebooks that are on sale at best buy and costco? They are on sale now and they are max $200+ tax it seems.

Best option seem to be either the first 2 options of best buy acer spin 514 or the costco asus-14"-c424ma? The processor on the asus spin 514 is ryzen 3… but the ram is still 4gb. The asus uses intel celeron 4020 and same amount of ram but it has double the storage at 128gb vs 64 with the asus spin 514.. Acer spin has IPS screen and 1920×1080 resolution which is important.. Is the asus spin 514 with the ryzen 3 that much important? But ram is still 4gb though. But the costco asus has TN panel… that bad? What about Hp screen panel? TN? But are they okay TN panel?

The other asus should be avoided because of the slower 3350 processor right and because its only $20 cheaper and less storage? What about the hp ones? Those seem to be intel celeron 4500 vs 4020/3350 with the asus.


Ryzen 3

64gb emmc

Can flip into a tablet"-c424ma-chromebook—intel-celeron-n4020—1080p.product.100807283.html


Intel Celeron 4050

128gb emmc"-c423na-chromebook—intel-celeron-n3350—1080p.product.100743739.html


Intel Celeron 3350

64gb emmc"-chromebook-bundle—intel-celeron—1080p—bonus-sleeve-%26-wireless-mouse.product.100853396.html


Intel Celeron 4500

128gb emmc

Laptop sleeve and wireless mouse included – Not big deal to me"-chromebook-bundle—intel-celeron—1080p—bonus-sleeve-%26-wireless-mouse.product.100793916.html


Intel Celeron 4500

64gb emmc

Laptop sleeve and wireless mouse included – Not big deal to me

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