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Chromebook for university

Hi! So my budget is somewhere from 200 pounds to around 500 pounds, though I'd really much rather stay closer to the bottom line. I won't be using it for anything fancy- writing documents for uni, editing pictures, browsing media, playing an occasional game and such.

  • I've been seeing the Lenovo Duet everywhere but due to the small keyboard and some connectivity issues, I'd rather stay away from it. I'd like for it to have a touchscreen and it'd be great to make handwritten notes, but if that lowers the overall quality of the product then I'll manage.
  • I was thinking about a Lenovo Thinkpad? I've heard the Thinkpads in general are pretty durable, but I haven't seen any opinions about them anywhere and they're pretty tricky to find.
  • I have a tab open for Acer 311- it looks pretty good as well, any strong opinions about that one?

I'm completely new to the world of chromebooks- are there any particular brands that are objectively superior to others? Do you have a model you've been using that you can recommend? The one downside is that I am UK based so that limits my options somewhat (crazy how confusing the internet gets). Many thanks!

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