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Chromebook Picks a Theme Color From Wallpaper – Here is How to Stop This

This post is from Chrome Story – Chromebooks Made Simple

Your Chromebook picks a color from the wallpaper and applies that as a theme for the launcher. Here is how to stop this and use a neutral color instead.

Note: This feature is currently not available in the Stable channel. I am writing this from the Canary channel of Chrome OS. Things move at the Canary speed around here.

Select a Neutral Theme for Chrome OS

Click the down arrow next to the theme selector drop-down.

Select Chromebook Theme
Select Chromebook Theme

Next, select Neutral from the Color mode screen. This will use a neutral color as the name suggests.

Color Mode on Chromebook
Color Mode on Chromebook

Select Neutral and you are good to go. Your Chromebook will no longer pick a color from your wallpaper and apply it to the launcher.

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