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Chromebook (Pixelbook Go) Impressions after about a month

I work in IT for a large company, so I have some work computers (Lenovo Windows laptop, MacBook Pro for every day use and an M1 MacBook Pro we received to make sure there are no issues with it in our environment), and I have an iPad Pro that is mine.

I wanted to get the Chromebook because I had recently moved from my iPhone to a Pixel 5 and wanted to take one more step into Google products. I figured I would use just Chrome OS for maybe a week and then install Linux, and I would use it like I use my iPad – where I try to do as much as I can on it, but then go over to the Mac or Windows for some things.

I'm actually pretty happy just staying on Chrome OS and using the Android apps. I do use Chrome to work with Office files (for work) and in Google Drive for school, but I use a handful of Android apps and don't mind how they work at all. I'm sure it would be nicer if they were really written specifically for a tablet or laptop but honestly, just being able to use them in windowed mode makes such a huge difference and really emphasizes how the iPad handling of multiple apps is restricted.

I use the Android version of Teams and it works fine for what I do at work. I use AirMessage for iMessages, Google Keep for notes, the browser based Zoom app (although i do have the Play Store version installed too), and I have my work and iCloud calendars syncing with Google Calendars so I use that as well.

There's not a whole lot I can't do on here, but for the few things where I need Windows (SCCM, ACtive Directory, Log Me In, etc.) or the Mac (Log Me In mostly) I use the Microsoft Remote Desktop app for Windows, and Splashtop for Mac to get on to those machines from the Chromebook.

The battery is perfect, the laptop doesn't get hot (which is a huge deal coming from Macs – even the M1 which is 1000 times better than the Intel Macs still gets warmer than the Chromebook), and the speakers are actually really good.

I don't really feel that I need Linux on here except just to get more familiar with it, but certainly not because i can't get anything done and I need it to make the laptop more useful. So far I'm able to do anything I need from here.

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