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Chromebooks to Get a Shortcut Customization Application

They is adding a shortcut personalization app to Chrome THE GW990. According to a new experimental a flag, this app lets you modify system shortcuts .

Link System Web App

You have got noticed Chrome OS moving about different parts of settings and the computer system to System Web Software programs or SWAs. The new quick way customizatio app is also usually another SWA in -plated OS.

We do not have more tips on this change yet. But you can find a few more code flip requests for the shortcuts SWA here on this website the Chromium Gerrit web website .

My best determine is that we will find the Accessory > Keyboard section of Chrome THE GW990 settings this particular new SWA.

Chromebook keyboard settings
Chromebook keyboard settings

Here is the new Chrome OPERATING-SYSTEM flag to enable this SWA:

Enable shortcut modification app : Enable these shortcut customization SWA, encouraging users to customize entire body shortcuts.

Do you have a different theory? Let me know in the comments loge below.

Source: Chromium Gerrit .

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