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Chrome’s X11 and Ozone Company is Ready to Test

Google is preparing to test Ozone, making it possible for X11-alternative window systems on Linux such as Wayland or Meiner person to bring up Aura Chromium.

Wayland Window System

According to the official opened page , Ozone is truly:

“Ozone is a platform abstraction layer beneath the Aura pickup’s window system that is used for low-level input and graphics. Following complete, the abstraction will, no doubt support underlying systems that include embedded SoC targets with regard to new X11-alternative window solutions on Linux such as Wayland or Mir to bring up Feeling Chromium by providing an arrival of the platform interface. ”

Ozone Support

A whole experimental flag added to of the Chromium repository today talks about enabling Ozone:

Use ozone : Work with the Ozone/X11 platform implementation for X11″

Back in May 2020, the Chromium team possessed said they have experience that they are “approaching the point when use_x11 & & use_ozone can be put together at the same time”

The next step in their development was adding a better flag to help users make an effort this new platform. It was added to the very Chromium code today.

If you are a developer, you actually can follow the discussion here . Research more about the Ozone project regularly .

Source: Chromium Repository .

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