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Deal Alert: $200 off the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2

Samsung’s latest flagship Chromebook fell a tad short of our hopes and expectations but that’s not to say it isn’t a really good laptop. We were simply hoping for something along the lines of a Pixelbook Go. With its $699 price tag, The Galaxy Chromebook 2 feels a bit pricey when you set it next to its feature-rich predecessor, the original Galaxy Chromebook. Now, we do concede that a price reduction of a hundred dollars or so makes the Core i3 Galaxy Chromebook a purchase worthy of your hard-earned dollars but today, you can score this device for even less and it is a very solid buy if you grab one right now.

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Samsung has offered “trade-in” credit on the Galaxy 2 since it debuted and the 13.3″ convertible has even enjoyed a decent discount once or twice despite being very new to the market. Today, however, you can score the Core i3 Galaxy Chromebook 2 for the impressively low price of $499 without any trades or special discount programs. To score this deal, you’ll have to purchase directly from Samsung as Best Buy is still listing the 10th Gen convertible for $699. $499 for this Chromebook is a very solid deal and it is a device that will serve you well for years with enough horsepower for just about any user.


To add some icing to the cake, eligible buyers that qualify for Samsung’s discount program can take as much as another hundred dollars off of the price. I logged in to my Samsung account and was pleasantly surprised to see that my military discount took the price down to $399 and that’s insanely cheap for a device of this caliber. Educators, first responders, government employees, and more can qualify for these extra discounts once you verify your credentials. You can check out the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 and save a ton of cash at the link below. Don’t forget to use your free Rakuten account and you’ll score an extra 6% cash back on an already ridiculously low price premium Chromebook.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2


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