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Destroyed my Duet 5. Now what?

College professor here. Yesterday my class was about to give presentations, so I decided to sit with students in those small dinky desks to watch, take notes and grade. Flipped open my Duet 5, but because the desk was too small the kickstand didn't touch the surface and so it flipped over the edge. Gravity did its thing and the tablet detached from the keyboard and fell on the floor screen first! I knew it was going to be bad and was worried there'd be major dents and scratches, but when I went up to retrieve it, the whole screen was busted. Most of the pixels were all dead while parts of it were flashing pink, white and blue.

It still works when I plug it into an external monitor, but I use the thing primarily as a tablet since I have a desktop and a laptop. I just got it a 3 months ago to replace my original Duet, and now I am just really bummed. Thinking of getting another one but the thought of spending that much money to replace something so new really hurts.

Anyway, I doubt it can be fixed, but what do you guys think I can do with it? Not sure I want a broken Duet 5 lying around. Should I recycle it or try to sell it cheap to someone? Or are there places that will buy it for parts?

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