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DocuSign joins the Chromebook Starts lineup – claim step 2 free months now

DocuSign is definitely much the go to program for signing and mailing papers electronically these days. The site allows you to choose a document that needs to be endorsed, select which students should be responsible for doing so, arrange custom signature and line of business tags, and send of which off. The recipient in that case , receives an email asking them to sign and return that experts claim document – easy! Usually, it is modernized a process that was prior to this stuck in neutral, glasses are designed others have followed properly with the technology, DocuSign remains the household name.

Now, you can claim an two-month free trial of DocuSign at no cost to you if you’re a functional Chromebook owner! Google most recently updated its Perks page to reflect this, and just incase you visit from your Chromium OS device, you can simply see ‘Claim’ and follow the bond. Attempting to claim a benefit from a Windows, or macOS device, or even a phone can result in a message preventing you from you will find special.


Obviously, Google not only wants to encourage people to use its laptops with these perks, but it also wants to kickstart the user experience by providing important features via third parties. The idea is to prove that Chromebooks can do a lot more than they’re given credit for. The company previously added a dope online music studio , some great apps for artists , including Tayasui Sketches , and even a free Old School Runescape membership – that’s diverse.

Your free DocuSign trial values at $29.98 and you can get started right away – this applies to new and existing Chromebook owners! This offer can no longer be claimed after February 16, 2022 (“or while supplies lasts”), so you have a whole year to take advantage of it. If you decide to continue with your subscription thereafter, you’ll automatically be charged $14.99 USD per month. Canceling your subscription is as easy as visiting the ‘ My subscriptions ‘ section of the Google Play Store.


Do you already use DocuSign? Will you be taking advantage of this free perk or are you not a fan of automatic billing post trial? I, myself, put the trial’s end date on Google Calendar and sometimes even a reminder to cancel it the day prior to its expiration. It’s a good practice as you don’t miss out on free stuff, and you aren’t looped into subscription hell if the service isn’t for you.

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