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Research AR and VR designed for the webExperiment with T?NDE and VR made for a webCreative Technologist

Sodar helps to visualize social campaigning distancing. By activating a particular augmented reality radar while using the browser, you can see what four feet (or two meters) looks like in any environment.

With Measure Up , romantic relationship calculate the length, area and furthermore volume of the things around you without the need for a tape measure.  

Floom growth fun new way to look at the planet, built with WebXR and so Google Maps. Open your browser in which to tunnel through the earth could what’s on the other side.

And coming soon, Picturescape spins your Google Photos will allow you to into an immersive photoset so you can explore your recollections in augmented reality.

All you need to try these types experiments is a supported Android technique and the last Chrome browser.

Check them out now and obtain your own at g. co/webXR .

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