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Feeling let down in the land of Oz…..

I bought my first Chromebook in 2018 and I bought it as a bit of a gamble. Being brought up on Windows machines, I was fascinated by what I read about ChomeOS but I knew nothing about it. So I thought the best way for me to become conversant with the platform was to buy a Chromebook. Well, within days, I was hooked. I loved the simplicity and "direct-ness" of ChromeOS. Is it similar to my Android phone? Yes and that is its strength. As a beginner, I already know how to move around.

Four years later, I have Chromebooks beside my Windows boxes running my business and providing me fast and efficient computing for all my needs. But living in Australia I have found Chromebooks difficult to find in shops and those that I do find, are so under-powered they are under-par in a business computing environment. They are also crazy expensive and many times are more costly than the Windows boxes that are configured in a similar way.

Today I paid a visit to a popular technology store called JB HiFi to check out their Chromebooks. Upon locating the small display space allocated to Chromebooks, I noticed a store typed Notice hanging in prominent sight. "Dear JB HiFi Cusomers", it started to say that Chromebooks were a good choice for those who had very limited computing needs, however the notice went on to warn customers that the applications on a Chromebook were useless without internet connection, that the range of applications were limited and many popular programs were not supported with a Chromebook and also that Chromebooks only printed to specialised web based printers and finally that Chromebooks were not suitable for Australian schools systems. The notice concluded by saying that if any of these limitations were a concern, then any of the salespeople would be happy to help you find an alternative device.

Who wouldn't be concerned over such a list of limitations?? The vast majority of people on Australia have never even heard of a Chromebook and those that have heard, looked at them 5 or 6 years ago when they really were just a web-based operating system and not the fast and efficient platform that it is today. But how are Chromebooks ever going to get a "fair go" with salespeople and technology merchants portraying the machines in such a terrible light?

I look upon the American media about Chromebooks with a jealous heart, as I see a population that is willing to recognise the machines for what they can do rather than trying to channel people down a path that merchants feel is more profitable. How will a fair attitude ever develop here, in my country, when people who are looking at Chromebooks are told that the device is good for idiots but if you have half a brain, or more, than go Windows or Mac.

Not only were the "faults" of the Chromebook inaccurate, they were worded in a negative manner. Chromebooks applications are useless without the internet?? Who uses their Windows box or Mac without the internet?? Are you kidding JB?? Everybody uses the internet!!

If anyone has any ideas to help this "idiot" combat this very negative bias in the sales departments of technology stores please share with me your thoughts, as I am feeling let down……

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