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Finally got Linux (Beta) and it is brilliant!

I have a HP 13 G1 that I use as my personal computer, and it does like 80% of what I want it to do very easily. For most of my work stuff though, if I'm doing it from my home computer, all I really do is SSH into my work machine and do things there. I've used the SSH chrome app and extension, and it works but is definitely a second class experience. The biggest issues being any time my chromebook suspends or I close it, I have to reconnect and reinitiate the screen session.

I had given up on getting the Linux support, but then suddenly last week it showed up! I snagged it, started it up, and installed the "mosh" SSH client, and in the last week I have had the same session open and instantly available. I also tried running a GUI AppImage, which also worked great!

So I'm now at around 99% of what I need to do works great on the Chromebook. That last 1% is things like occasional video editing.

Not sure what I'll do when the HP 13 g1 goes end of life in 2023 (IIRC), because it's not clear what a similar machine as far as feature and build, but I guess I'll burn that bridge when I get to it.

Got the g1 5 years ago to see if I could replace a Linux laptop with a lower maintenance Chromebook, and it's worked out really well!

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