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Going to a new company – they let me buy my own hardware – will I have issues setting up a Chromebook?

Hi there,

Context: at my current company, we are all-in on Google, and I use a Chromebook as my day to day computer, and have been for the past four years. I love it. My new company allows us to purchase our own devices and expense them – we can choose mac, windows, linux, whatever – it's up to us. I'd like to stick with the Chromebook… they're a Google Workspace shop – so will I have any issue setting up a Chromebook? My current company has security keys, enterprise enrollment, etc – is that something I need to consider there? Or do I just log in to that Chromebook with my work email, just like I'd log into my personal account on my Chromebook? They're not a big company… so there isn't an IT department or anything like that to ask. Most everyone there has Macs, and I have to get one, fine – I just don't want to be an operational burden on the company because I chose a Chromebook. Thanks!

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