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Google Chrome to Get a Password Strength Indicator

Google is working on a built-in password strength indicator for Chrome. When this feature is ready, Google will tell you how strong or weak your password is while signing up or changing passwords on websites.

Password Strength Indicator

Google Chrome Logo - Transparent
Google Chrome Logo – Transparent

Google has been busy improving password security on Chrome. It can already tell you if your password is part of a data leak. There are even efforts to make changing passwords easy. Here is a possible next step in this journey.

Google is adding a built-in password strength indicator to Chrome. Why do I call it “built-in”?

You might have seen password strength indicators on websites. They are part of the website and not your browser. If the website does not have this feature, you do not see the password strength indicator.

With a built-in password strength indicator, you will see how strong or weak your password is on any website. According to the flag description, you will see this on sign-up pages and password change screens.

Password strength indicator: Enables password strength indicator when typing a password during a sign-up and password change flows.

I am hoping to see this feature in action in one of the upcoming Canary channel updates. Stay tuned for updates and screenshots from the bleeding edge of Chrome development.

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