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Google Chrome update replaced ‘Search Google for Image’ with ‘Search Image with Google Lens’

Google Chrome update replaced 'Search Google for Image' with 'Search Image with Google Lens'

Google just forced desktop users to switch over to their stupid mobile app Lens in the right-click context menu, after the same release came with a UAF vulnerability in V8 for 2.5 billion devices.

Lens is trash. I just wanted to test it out, so I used Image Search and Lens on the same image, and Lens came back with "No results found for the selected area" and Image Search came back with "About 294 results (1,06 seconds)".

Is that the "new machine learning and AI capabilities" they're trying to get over people with?

There's no excuse. Just another example of how out-of-touch and half-baked the chrome devs are, they take a year to roll out broken software and deactivate what worked.

How long until they deactivate "chrome://flags/#enable-lens-region-search" like all the other chrome flag fixes? Knowing Google they're probably going to deactivate Image Search instead to eliminate competition with a better product.

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