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Google Duplex expands its usefulness by letting you book restaurants on your Nest Hub

Duplex is Google’s mesmerizing, yet terrifying Artificial intelligence software that not only transcribes books, but sets haircut appointments, automatically changes your Chrome passwords for you in a single click, and more. It was first shown off a few years ago, and since then, Google has a mind to inject it into just about anything it can in order to make your life easier in ways that even Assistant can’t on its own.

Soon, you’ll be able to book a table at a restaurant via your Nest Hub smart display just by saying “Hey Google, book a table at Osteria Morini” or another supported restaurant. You’ll also be able to tap on the ‘book a table there’ suggestion chip after pulling up a location by voice and previewing its details to see if they suit you.

The announcement was made recently on the Google Nest Help support forum by a community specialist along with Sling TV coming to the Live tab of the Chromecast with Google TV, and Stadia launching near the end of this month for Google’s streaming device. Another great addition to smart displays is the ability to add household contacts to “speed dial” so you can quickly contact them from within your home without having to pick your phone up.

What do you think of these improvements? The potential for Duplex of smart display has still yet to be tapped into, but booking reservations to restaurants seems right up its alley. Google seems to be playing it safe with such an incredible yet scary technology before it moves on to more meaningful and personal uses for it. Only time will tell what the company has up its sleeve for it over the next few years.


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