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Bing and yahoo has made a change to the conduct of the bookmarks menu while in Chrome Canary, now this tombol remains open when you middle-click on one of the bookmarks to open it in the background (or decided upon hold down the CTRL major point and click on it).

Google makes a change to the behavior when using the bookmarks menu in Chrome plating Canary, now this menu always remains open when you middle-click in the of the bookmarks to open the vehicle in the background (or when you anchor down the CTRL key & click on it).

This is how this dropdown menu currently works:

The menu sales techniques after middle-clicking on the bookmarking.

Immediate behavior (GIF).

And this is how functions now in the Canary version:

Your current menu remains open when ever middle-clicking on the bookmarks (or when you hold down the CTRL key and click on it).

New kinds of behavior in Canary (GIF).

Live search has also changed the behavior inside the bookmarks bar folders, usa these folders remain open source providing you hold down the CTRL key point and click on the bookmark , in Canary currently these folders also remain open when you middle-click on the favorites.

Commit :

Leave search for bar folder or iphone app menu open when perhaps a bookmark in the background.

Bookmark bar folders earlier remained open when begin a bookmark in the background with the use of ctrl + click. This change makes this behavior match when it comes to middle click as well.

Control + click and meeting place clicks would leave that app menu open if selecting recently closed jellys. This is what change now allows our own app menu to stay clear for ctrl + ticktack and middle clicks relating to bookmarks as well.

This new behavior of Chrome' s bookmarks menu proper matches the behavior of Edge' s favorites menu (or other browsers I guess).

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