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Google is working on a built-in tool to take screenshots in Chrome (user-friendly and not hidden).

Google is working on a built-in tool to take screenshots in Chrome (user-friendly and not hidden).

Currently there is a native tool to take screenshots in Chrome, but it is hidden in the Chrome developer tools so few know about.

There is a patch in Chromium Gerrit that seeks to centralize all the sharing options in a submenu and according to that same patch, the option to take screenshots will be included in that submenu:

sharing: add "Share" submenu skeleton

This change begins implementation of the "Share" submenu, which will centralize and deduplicate the various sharing options that are currently scattered across various menus. This change:

  1. Adds a new feature named ShareMenu, which is default disabled
  2. Adds a new class (ShareSubmenuModel) which implements this new submenu
  3. Modifies RenderViewContextMenu to use the new ShareSubmenuModel when the new feature is enabled.

Next steps (for future CLs):

  1. "Copy Link" and "Copy Link to Text" items

  2. Screenshot items (pending desktop screenshots implementation)

  3. Replacing items in the omnibox and other textfield context menus

  4. Adding this submenu to the tab context menu

As you can read in the patch, the submenu will also appear in the tab context menu.

According to another commit, the tool to take screenshots might have an option to capture only a region of the screen and apparently options to edit the screenshot as well (just like in Chrome for Android I guess).

Screenshot item in the Sharing hub.

Screenshot item (not working yet).

Screenshot item (GIF).

Other browsers like Edge have native tools for taking screenshots (Web capture) so it was simply a matter of time before Google added this option.

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