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Google Tests Drag & Drop To Customize NTP Modules

Google is working on a new way to customize the Chrome new tab page. You will be able to drag and drop items to rearrange your new tab page.

NTP Modules

Chrome Cart
Chrome Cart

Remember the Chrome Cart module that I told you about a few weeks ago? Google is working on a few more ‘modules’ similar to Chrome Cart. Google also wants to help you customize these modules easily.

In Chrome’s Canary channel, you will find a new flag to help you test drag and drop modules.

NTP Modules Drag and Drop: Enables modules to be reordered via dragging and dropping on the New Tab Page. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS

Here is a short video showing how this works.

Drag and Drop Cards on Chrome's New Tab Page

Things, as you can see, are still work-in-progress. Modules do not work well with the existing shortcuts on the new tab page. Further, you will not see these changes when you restart Chrome.

However, the video will give you a brief idea of where Google wants to take this feature. Take a look and let me know what you think.

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