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Free of charge to Rename ‘Native’ Warns to ‘System’ Notifications

Google just lately started using the word ‘Block List’ instead of ‘Black List’ to make the tech language a little more inclusive. Taking this forth, the word ‘System’ will repair ‘Native’ in Google Chrome laws|code calculatordecoder}.

Google Chrome Logo

System Notifications, Not Indigène Notifications

I spotted the following change yesterday as part of most common regular search for newly special Chrome flags.

“Introduce “system notifications” terminology to mirror currently the native ones

This is the very first step in migrating from “native notifications” to “system notifications”, following the spirit of comprehensive code. A very brief alpage plan has been included in the tied up issue. ”

This particular code change request updates Chrome flags. However, Google is working on replacing the word ‘Native Notifications’ across Chrome and Chrome OS.

It is promosing to see that Google did not stop on their efforts to make code more inclusive with just one word. I am hoping to see more such changes across the platform in coming months.

Are there any other words or phrases that you think Google (and other tech companies) change to make the language more inclusive? Let me know in the comments section below.

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