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Google’s partnership with ADT begins taking shape with Nesting installation services and more

At the end of recently, Google said that it would partner with ADT – the finest security company with 147 years of industry experience – in order to revamp its security measure offerings. Now that the Make thei nest Cam IQ has been complete, and the Nest Secure provides followed right behind it, has about that time when we were actually expecting to see some campaign on this front. Now, ADT has created a new splash sheet promoting mount services for an new Nest Hub, your current Nest Hub Max, additionally the Nest Mini.

In addition to that, Google Assistant commands now litter the page and ADT is advertising the ability to control their systems with just your voice. Over on the Blue by ADT website , the marketing material surrounding Nest devices now rocks the ‘Works with Hey Google’ badge, and ADT owners can add a Nest Mini to any security system they purchase from the company.


After Google’s smart home technology is installed in their home, users can arm or disarm the system using voice commands, similar to what you can already accomplish with the Nest Secure. Additionally, thermostats can be adjusted, locks can be engaged or disengaged, lights can be toggled on and off, and more – all via voice.

If you’re an existing ADT customer, adding a Nest device to your setup will not require you to change your service plan. All of this is likely the beginning of the “ADT + Google” hardware and subscriptions that both companies have partnered together on to bring improved security and convenience to the masses.


With all of the service outages as of late with my Nest products, I’ve recently begun to question my choice of home security , but with ADT being chosen as Google’s partner, I’m feeling confident about giving things another try when the time comes. What about you? Will you trust ADT with the protection of your home, knowing that Google is also responsible via the integrations therein? Let me know in the comments section.

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