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Has anyone figured out the “Network Not Available” Issue that was popping up last night?

I'm trying again to setup my new Chromebook this morning and getting the same "Network Not Available" error during the setup (after connecting to my wifi). I can browse fine in Guest mode, but I'm getting the same issue folks were posting about last night. Anyone get past this?

—EDIT – 10/28/21 – 1:10PM <– u/lastsilverking has found a solution! His post is below, but I've cut and pasted what he said here for convenience (but, please, pop down and show him so love!). This worked for me and other folks.

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EVERYONE, I have found a fix. When you get this error press “continue as guest” then press ctrl+Alt+t to get in the command line. Then type in “autest” . That will initialize the update. Then go to the settings and press “about chrome OS” and you should see the device updating. Once it’s done, press the restart button when it appears on that settings page. It will then restart the Chromebook and allow you to setup the Chromebooks normally.

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