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Help! I think I have a virus

I accidentally clicked on a bad link last night and I think my chrome has a virus. It would open pop up tabs on its own even when chrome was not open (and even when my computer was asleep), utilize Bing search engine when Bing was not selected, and also when I do choose to open chrome of my own accord, it will crash a few seconds upon opening and reopen. I have reset the chrome settings which seemed to fix the bing issue and the pop up issue, but I can't get chrome to stop crashing upon opening. I have even deleted chrome entirely from my computer and redownloaded it and the crashing persists. please help!

UPDATE: This thread worked! It was a bug that restarted each time upon boot. Once I followed the directions at the bottom of the thread all seems functional. Will keep an eye out for other issues. Thank you though everyone! (Here is the link to thread: )

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