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Hey everyone – we’re opening moderator applications! Apply today!

Apply here!

We've continued to grow substantially over the past 12 months and we're looking for applicants due to increased traffic and workload.

A lot of our general information is within the application form, but here's a short rundown of what the job entails.

  • Checking modqueue on a regular basis to take action on posts that are filtered automatically or reported by the community.

  • Regular browsing through the subreddit and moderation of posts and comments to ensure that all community rules and guidelines are being enforced, including deleting uncivil, hostile and inflammatory content.

  • Being able to discuss issues with members of the community through modmail in a professional and calm manner.

  • Being an active participant in the r/ChromeOS Discord server and contributing to discussions among the modteam (also through Discord).

Overall, the job won't necessarily take more than a few hours of your time per week, and if you're already generally active on Reddit and Discord then you probably won't notice a difference.

It can be quite rewarding to be able to shape a community (for the better). If this sounds like something that interests you, please apply!

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