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Heya everyone! We’d like to bring up to date you on the state of your community, have a Q&A, as well as , hint at the launch nonetheless new wiki!

Hello there everyone!

First things first : we just hit 250k members! Congrats! That' t a quarter of a million somebody and it' s an outstanding milestone for our community!

Second, I' d like to debe introducir myself since I never placed a formal introduction. I' d /u/rk_29 (aka @Ryan on our discord server) and I' ve been a imod here on /r/ChromeOS for the past 90 days. You will have likely seen my home since then or during the other 2½ years that I' ve been hanging out best.


There haven' t been many valuable changes made to the community packages recently, but that is essentially due to us being seriously happy and satisfied with the content not to mention advice that is posted in addition to provided here. This is one of the main reasons we' re having my Q& A, so that we can actually receive your input around any issues, proposals, or to changes you' d opt to make to the subreddit.

We did make some snazzy automoderator changes (I this moment consider myself a wizard) and you may have noticed these people previously.

  • An invite to the discord server was being commented on all writes flaired as " Troubleshooting". We did this due to its strong and passionate back link between the subreddit and the discord server. I personally love possibly parts of the community – these products serve roughly the same point but can have a different spirit to each other. Sometimes receiving a bit more urgent help is a lot easier within discord server, hence for why we made that tactic easily visible to visitors.

  • There’s a small amount of backlash against this. Tastes it came from seasoned the amt of members of our community who not surprisingly didn' t like hearing and seeing the comments on posts throughout /new, and felt if you realise clogged up the threads. Certainly.

  • Subsequently, it was replaced with a slightly further and new system. Thus, when you make a post flaired as " Troubleshooting", this will privately DM you a análogo message to the old you, but it also contains an " opt-out" button. Hitting this unique button will allow you to send any kind of pre-set message to the company (through modmail) that asks for you to be excluded due to being sent these forms coming from all messages in the future. This will in which be (manually) added to involving automoderator configuration as soon as we will.

I' d also like to (possibly prematurely) introduce our hot wiki! It' s merely in a finished state as of yet (and it likely never are going to be! ) however it is generally being updated and enhanced. Here' s a explanation of what it will include things like;

  • Buying guides – optimal devices that you can buy at any particular time, in many price levels.

  • Appliance spec sheets – our own aim is to eventually have got full library of information around specs and features meant for all Chrome OS tracking devices, ever. This data tend to be exceptionally hard to gather, its no wonder that I am asking for community allies… read on…

  • Really guides – these systems can range from how to fix Minecraft through Crostini, to some other guide to Virtual Machines with Chrome OS.

We' lso are still currently very hard workplace – there will be many fixes yet to come! Our desire is for this to be a town based project. We hope to be able to allow community contributors to submit content, whether it be writing a spec sheet in your new device, or just a complete guide on styluses and drawing tablets onto Chrome OS! You' ll hear more about this next.

Thanks for reading! A few of the extra mods and I will be keeping an eye on the comments for any questions you may or any topics you' and like to discuss. Cheers!

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