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How is possible there is no tab management feature?

How is possible there is nothing like this: But this addon is actually broken and not supported anymore…

Vivaldi goes one step beyond Chrome, but it still doesn't allow tab nesting! Also it would be great if you could put a small note into tab's description and it would show as a tooltip when you hover over a tab! And if you could give tabs longer description… And make persistent notes and highlights on pages, which would show as clickable links on the side panel, which you could bring up when you move mouse to the side or by a hotkey, or not if you wanted… And if you could save sessions into folder like structure while being able to tag them and search for them even for individual tabs within sessions and to be able to save them automatically to specified location on a disk, or cloud… This is absolutely logical and practical to me and it would improve 1000 times user experience, i will never understand why this is not the case! No addon does this even remotely…

Also bookmark manager is atrocious at best, it can't ctrl+f for existing folders when adding new bookmarks (so if you have many, you can't never save them without hassle) and you can't add tags which would be better than muddying a name of a bookmark… When you delete folder it snaps back to the top, it remembers if you uncollapse folders. So when you search for something it uncollapses whole tree every time… It should be optional… Navigation is terrible…

Tell how is it not possible there isn't something like this, when AI is so advanced as it is? It is like these corporations want to make user experience worst so you waste as much time as possible… Because tab UI didn't change since IE 1999 actually… Obviously google is the biggest scum, but even Firefox doesn't have anything remotely like this… And actually having less tabs is not an argument, today: 100 tabs for work is average… And if you are researching something, or browse a lot, this would make it 1000 times easier… Can average person remember everything from dozens of websites? Or when you need to find some term/concept and than go back to what you were reading? No!

How browsers are made it so inefficient how we engage with information today! I can't wait when AI will be able to search for you and find you veritable websites sourced/from multiple sources and give you overviews etc… Because it is so inefficient googling, while search engines today suck and are heavily censored and won't find anything, also internet is full of disinformation websites, if it is not sourced, or veritable site, I don't even bother… Millionshort is good btw, but not perfect :/

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