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How to Enable Persistent Deskbar on Chrome OS

Google is bringing persistent virtual desks to Chromebooks. In this article, I will show you how to enable this new feature.

Chromebook Virtual Desks
Chromebook Virtual Desks

Persistent Desk Flag

Like any new Chrome OS feature, we have a new flag for persistent desks. If you are using the Stable channel of Chrome OS, you might need to wait for a few more weeks before you can test this.

Persistent desks bar: Showing a persistent desks bar at the top of the screen in clamshell mode when there are more than one desk. – Chrome OS

Enable the flag and restart your Chromebook. You are now ready to use persistent virtual desks. You will always have a desks bar on your desktop.

Persistent Deskbar on Chromebook

Click the down arrow on the top-right corner of the bar to view thumbnails of your virtual desks.

Click the three-dots settings menu to view additional settings for virtual desks. This includes an option to hide the Deskbar.

Hide Deskbar - Chromebook Virtual Desks
Hide Deskbar – Chromebook Virtual Desks

I hope you found this guide useful. Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments section below.

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