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How to Use Google Lens on Chrome

Google is bringing Lens, the intelligent image search tool, to desktop. With Lens for Chrome, you can select an area of a page (text or image) to identify content and search. So how do you use Lens on Google Chrome? Read on to find out.

Enable Lens on Chrome

9to5Google spotted a new experimental Chrome flag in the recent Canary channel update. You should see this flag soon on the Dev and Beta channels.

To use Lens on Chrome, enable this flag and restart your browser:

Search your screen with Google Lens: Right-click and select “Search part of the page with Google Lens” to search any region of the site to learn more about the visual content you see while you browse and shop on the web. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS

Using Lens to Search

Now that you have the power of Lens on your Chrome browser, here is how to use it.

Right-click on any page and select the Search part of the page with Google Lens option.

Google Lens on Chrome

If you right-click an image, you will see a slightly different message – Search image with Google Lens.

Next, click and drag to select an area of the web page. You will see a Google search results page with content that Google found in the selected area.

Google Lens Search Results on Chrome

Here is a quick demo:

Google Lens in Chrome

I hope you found this tutorial useful. Did you find anything interesting with Google Lens? Let me know in the comments section below.

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