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I just opened a YouTube page

I happily opened a brand new tab of YT on my W10 laptop and, out of nowhere, slight freeze and then the blue screen.

I don't understand why that happened. I had something of 20 tabs opened and short of 10 loaded in my RAM. But after the bluescreen, pc restarted and had to scan and repair… my C:/ drive?

Tried opening chrome when pc fully booted up. I click on it's shortcut but nothing happens. No amount of clicks would make the browser run. It doesn't do anything. Like n o t h i n g.

At this point I'm even more confused. Rebooted PC, same thing. Scan and repair drive, boots, click the .exe itself, nothing. Uninstalled it and reinstalled the newest version of it. Still nothing. Became a useless button.

I don't understand if it went wrong somewhere or if I went wrong somewhere. Malware detector says nothing sus. Currently on ms edge ._.

Spec sheet (if needed): lenovo legion y7000; 500gb; 16gb; i7 – 9th gen; (drive about 2/3 full) no additional mods to the laptop were done.

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